Sometimes things happen for a reason.  Perhaps this is one of those things.

I had signed my husband and I to take ballroom dancing classes.  They were going to start tonight.  Instead, I got the call saying that the class was cancelled due to lack of enrollment.  Oh well.

Although I had been looking forward to taking the class, I get to do another one of my loves, water aerobics.  Most people thing of this type of class as something for old people with arthritis.  I have to tell you though, I’m neither old nor do I have arthritis and I love taking the class.  It makes you sweat and the water feels so good.

And I love having a girls-night-out.  I go with two friends and after class, we sit in the sauna, relaxing and chit-chatting.  It’s quite nice.  When it’s time to go home, I go home happy.

Here’s to another night out with the girls.  🙂


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