Good vs Evil

“He was evil but now he’s one of the good guys.”  Evil, such a simple tag and yet so difficult to distinguish.  Aren’t we all a little bit of both?  Whenever I hear my daughter say that during some show, I wonder if I should explain to her that it’s not WHO a person is but what actions he/she take that are good and evil.

I was driving home today from work and someone cut me off.  I had an image of pulling the driver out of the car and beating him with a baseball bat.  If “it’s the thought that counts” does this make me one of the evil guys?  I didn’t actually do it.  😉  I’d rather go with “actions speak louder than words.”

What makes someone evil, anyway?  What if someone was found beating another individual with a baseball bat, for example.  Does that action automatically make him/her evil?  Would it be acceptable, under any circumstances?  I have a variety of what-if scenarios that I think about and what I might do.  There are moments when I want to get into a bus, run someone over, put it in reverse, run that person over again, put it in drive and run them over again as I drive away.  If thoughts were the only distinction between good and evil, I would be in trouble…


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