A Mother’s Role (part 2)

The last blog was posted because of a comment someone made on Facebook.  She commented that her daughters grades (92, 89, 87, 90, 92, 97, 98) were too low and that she was “infuriated… these grades better go up!”  The child is in 7th grade and does gymnastics.  Considering the stress of both of those, these grades are something to be proud of.

So my reply to that post was “if I was (girl) I would be very disappointed that my mom couldn’t appreciate my hard work :(”  As you might imagine, this was well received by other moms but not so much by the person who posted the comment. My least favorite reply was “(girl) is a child and doesn’t have an option of being ‘disappointed’ in me- I am the parent.”

What I wanted to say to that would not have been well received by anyone. Again, I not going to censor myself here.  This blog is what I call “puking word vomit.” It is all that I think but a) don’t have the courage to speak out loud, b) can’t say for fear of hurting someone’s feelings or c) might get me fired (if work related).  Here, I have no one’s feelings to worry about.

“Hey bitch, a 12 year old has EMOTIONS and she can not only be DISAPPOINTED, she can outright HATE YOU.  I know because it happened to me and my dear old mother, fucker.  Just because you’re a PARENT, does not make you GOD.  You shouldn’t abuse your power over ANYONE, but -especially- YOUR CHILDREN.  You are entrusted with their safety, not just for the moment, but for LIFE.  This includes their physical wellbeing, and their EMOTIONAL, jackass.”    ***insert shaking head here***

Obviously, I kept that statement to myself.  It also scares me that this woman might become my sister-in-law…




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