Finally almost myself again…

The last evil pill was finally taken on Thanksgiving.  My emotions are beginning to settle down again, thank God.  The world is actually a decent place to be right now. …don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll change soon…

It’s for a good cause, to help a family grow by giving them a child of their own. It’s an amazing journey, and even though it makes me emotionally nuts, well worth it in the end.

This is my third family. Having done it twice before, I know what it involves. Even so, it’s so difficult to control emotions.  Like I’ve posted before, it’s like seeing the train coming and having your feet stuck on the tracks, wanting to jump but unable to do anything but watch the chaos emerge.

The transfer is tentatively scheduled for December 15th.  I’m really excited as it gets closer and closer.  I think the parents are playing it safe and are being cautiously optimistic.  They’ve done this before, without success.  But that’s because they hadn’t worked with me.  😉

I have a good feeling about this and will remain positive.  🙂


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